10 questions - 5. How can I keep abreast of current events in Belgium ?

5. How can I keep abreast of current events in Belgium?

The media in Belgium are also subdivided into three language groups. The Dutch-language media carry news broadcasts in Dutch on radio and TV, in newspapers and magazines. The French-language media do the same in French. Even the German-speaking Community has its own media. There are practically no bilingual media. A number of English-language initiatives exist for expats and foreigners.



  • VRT: Eén and canvas, Radio 1 : The two channels of the public broadcaster VRT (Flemish Radio and Television) with news programmes Het Journaal and an online news platform Radio 1 is the radio station that provides news and comment about current events.
  • VTM: Het Nieuws: The largest commercial broadcaster in Flanders. News broadcasts in Het Nieuws.
  • kanaalZ. Economic and financial news
  • Regional TV broadcasters: In Brussels there is tvbrussel (, in the Vlaamse Rand RINGtv (, but in Tervuren ROB-tv ( Some programmes by these broadcasters are subtitled for foreign speakers.


Some English-language media which provide a look at Flanders

  • Flandersnews: The news website of the Flemish public radio service (VRT), Flandersnews carries information in English about all the major Belgian and international issues. The Dutch, French, German  and English versions of the website can be found at: (Dutch) / (French) / (German) / (English).

  • Fans of Flanders: A programme created by the Flemish public television service (VRT), Fans of Flanders broadcasts information in English about life and news in Flanders with a touch of humour. Fans of Flanders also has an extensive website carrying light-hearted video clips and a weekly newsletter.

  • Created by Belgium's largest media group, is targeted on the international community in Belgium, featuring various subjects, such as Belgian news, European affairs, politics, the economy, lifestyle topics, advice about shopping, the home, cinema, restaurants and an extensive events calendar for Brussels.

  • The Bulletin: allows you to subscribe to a daily newsletter carrying topical items about the day's events.

  • Flanders Today is a  free English-language newspaper that is published every week, Flanders Today keeps track of events in Flanders, featuring articles about the economy, science, sports, art and culture in Flanders. Flanders Today has an English-language website and a weekly newsletter.